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A pendulum is a tool that is used to connect you to your higher self and Source, by asking questions to help guide, clarify, and raise your awareness. A pendulum can be used in various scenarios where you want to gain a little more clarity, connection, or a better understanding of something. You can ask the pendulum questions about life, love, health, career, money—whether simple or complex. Trust your intuition, and allow yourself to be shown which pendulum is right for you. 

Iolite carries the spirit of journey, dreams, intuition, exploration and illumination.  Known to help guide you to move both physically and spiritually from one realm into another.
Iolite crystals are used to help recover a lost sense of balance. They are often recommended to those suffering from a feeling of disorientation or a lack of motivation. Providing us with a sense of self-assurance and endurance. Also recommended to those who are lacking perspective and wish to bring order to a chaotic life or busy schedule.
Iolite is great for boosting the immune system and can assist in alcohol consumption, allowing its bearer to avoid the effects of overindulging. The stone is good for conditions of the liver and promotes detoxification by reducing fatty deposits in the body. Additionally, iolite is excellent for regulating digestion. It stimulates memory and helps those suffering from insomnia enjoy better sleep, as well as prevent nightmares and any disturbances in sleeping patterns.
Iolite is both a third eye chakra and a throat chakra stone. It aids in opening your third eye and utilizing its abilities

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