Opalite Yoni Eggs

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Upon receiving your yoni egg you will want to give it a thorough cleaning.  Cleanse your yoni gem in warm water with a light non-harsh soap.


Yoni eggs go far beyond strengthening and toning the yoni.  To get the most out of your yoni egg journey, you will want to clear, charge and bond with your yoni egg before using.

Clearing your yoni gem will remove any lingering negative energy that it may have picked up before coming to you.  One way to clear your yoni egg is through burning sage.  Smudge your yoni egg by burning sage over your crystal allowing the cleansing smoke to absorb the yoni egg and surrounding area.

After you have cleared your yoni egg you will want to charge her. A gemstone never loses it’s earth given energy, however it is always a good idea to give it some extra juice. You can charge your yoni egg in sun or moon light: Place your gemstone under the sun or moon light.  Let sit for a couple hours or as long as you feel is needed.

You’re almost ready to begin your practice, but first try bonding and connecting with your yoni egg.  Set your intentions for what you want to accomplish out of your journey.  Hold the crystal in the palms of your hand, state your intentions out loud or in your head.  Repeat your intentions until you feel they are set.

How to insert:

Inserting your yoni egg is simple and fun. We recommend inserting with the tip pointing down, however, either way is perfectly fine. Inserting a yoni egg is just like inserting a tampon with no applicator. Some yoni eggs have a drilled hole so you can add string for easy retrieval, or to add a weight for vaginal weightlifting. Don’t worry, your yoni egg can’t get stuck! It can only go as far as your cervix, which acts as a wall, keeping her with in the vaginal canal only.

How to use:

Once your yoni egg is in, there are a few different way to use her:

·       Exercise

·       Meditate

·       Yoni breathing

·       Sex

How to Remove:

Removing your yoni/jade egg is simple; get into a deep squat position and push out with your vaginal muscles.  If needed, you may use your fingers to scoop the yoni egg out or try a little jump up and down.  For string users, give it a gentle tug (think removing a tampon and allow her to glide out slowly and easily).

????I recommend getting the Diva Cup Cleanser from most Pharmacies as a cleanser ????

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Opalite resonates both with the sacral, third eye and crown chakra. it is excellent for removing energy blockages of the meridians and chakras. Opalite can boost the sex drive and enhance sexual experience. The energy of Opalite can remove energetic barriers between two partners and allow them to fully connect.

Work your pelvic floor muscle

Increase orgasms

Less leakage .

Maintenance is important for all parts of your body, begin by inserting the largest one from a few minutes a day to longer periods of time eventually making your way to the smallest egg!

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