Scolecite Palm stone

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Often referred to as an inner peace stone. If you have a quick temper, it can help you walk away from conflict rather than being drawn in deeper. Scolecite can help you let go of grudges and stop “keeping score”, so you can allow peace and harmony into your life.

In meditation, scolecite allows you to travel to planes of existence other crystals may not provide access to. It can allow you to communicate with deities and spirits on the astral plane. It has the ability to awaken the third-eye and crown chakra in a gentle and subtle manner.

In addition to providing benefits during meditation, scolecite will allow you to get more restful sleep. It is excellent for those working with their dreams, helping dream recall and facilitating lucid dreams. Scolecite is a cleansing stone that can have an impact on the heart chakra. When lovers exchange this stone, they find it much easier to communicate and express their love for one another. It can strengthen bonds, and since it is a stone of peace, it limits conflict in a relationship so that lovers can appreciate each other on a much deeper level.

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