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Septarian geodes formed 100 million years ago when the Gulf of Mexico reached up to southern Utah. When shelled sea life died, it became trapped in sediments and formed mud balls. As the sea receded, the mud balls dried and cracked in the sun. The sea returned, and calcium from newly decomposing shells eventually seeped into the cracks and recrystallized as calcite (yellow). The thin brown wall is aragonite and the gray exterior is bentonite clay. The name Septarian comes from the Latin septum, meaning “dividing wall”. rian Nodules combine all the metaphysical properties of the minerals that make it up, making it extremely powerful. It also aids communication with our Mother Earth. It is said to help in overall healing and health. It is also a good grounding stone. It relates to the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

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